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Now we know our economy and our commerse system is not reliable or sustainable; we finally recognize we are going the wrong way and must really change. The goal in life is not employment; the goal and solution to world problems is a garden paradise we can begin now by simply choosing trees, plants and animals that provide a continual source of food around us. That is security in disasters and in financial crises. When there is abundant food, we can take people into our homes and get through the rough times. Without independent personal gardens and fruit trees and animals, there will be fear and violence.

Where does someone start when they are not familiar with gardening and animals that provide milk and eggs? My friend showed me one book that became my favorite book outside of the Bible. It has all the information anyone would need to use natural living ideas where-ever they are.

It beats a health club! This information is a requirement for your future; this will be your prime investment and a great lifestyle of fresh air, sunshine, light exercise and fresh food for a healthy body, a healthy family and healthy and happy family relationships.

The Tenth Edition - June 2008

with 913 8 x 11" fact filed, sometimes whimsical, pages
of useful information for $19.77 at Amazon.
It is like having several books in one and the author, Carla Emery, seems to be right along with you guiding you with her experiences and the experiences of people she knew and people who wrote in over the 30 years with their special gardening, crafts or building tips and recipes.

There are over 240 pages on animals, bees, poultry (geese and chickens etc.), goats, cows, sheep (home dairying), pigs, rabbits, deer.

* How to feed them from your garden products, build animal shelters
* How to tan hides and use them in various ways
* How to use feathers for bedding and clothing etc
* How to make yarn from wool, how to dye them
* How to churn butter and make cheese, yogurt etc.

There are over 450 pages on plants, gardening of food, herbs, and flowers, trees, vines, berry bushes and brambles, grasses, grains and canes and food preservation.

* How to save seed for next crop, how to sprout seeds and eat them.
* How to build with woods or vines,
* How to prune trees etc.

She has a variety of skills that have no category, how to make a mud oven, how to cook on a wood stove, how to cook beans in the ground in a cast iron cooker, how to make candles and many simple techniques people used for their abundant life before electricity and indoor plumbing.

The book is a delight and full of treasures. She felt God inspired her to write it. She has since died working tirelessly promoting the country lifestyle and natural living ways. I believe the book is written for us now as our financial crises turn us back to God's simple plan of a Garden Paradise - Retirement Lifestyle where our time is our own to love God's wisdom and guidance, His holy Sabbath days of no work, His holy feast days and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Our God really is a Savior.

Shipping is free with $25.00 purchase...
a considerable saving considering the size of this book.
Buy books with neighbors, etc. save shipping charges.

It includes multitudes of websites with free guidance
and mail-order sources
for all natual living needs
including purchasing animals.

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The Encyclopedia of Country Living


God's Ways Give and Keep On Giving

Man's Ways Take and Keep On Taking

God's Goats and Sheep vs Man's Lawn Mower

God's Goats and Sheep will mow the grass and eat woodland brush, weeds and bushes quietly, fertilize, and give milk. A child can guide them safely. They will repeatedly give hair or wool for clothing and pillows. They reproduce more goats or sheep that can be sold or shared; or they will mow the grass, fertilize it, and give milk etc.

Man's Lawn Mowers are expensive, continuously need polluting oil and gasoline, are noisy, must be pushed by man, and are dangerous to children.They need maintenance and replacement or sharpening of blades and other parts.They break down and must have costly repairs until they are replaced by another expensive lawn mower, weed eater and brush clearer

God's Donkey vs Man's Automobile

God's Donkey is quiet, inexpensive, will mow the grass and provide fertilizer. It will reproduce more donkeys; and it can carry people or heavy loads. They are low to the ground, easy to mount, can be ridden or guided by a young child, and offer a smooth ride.

They can go up or down rocky hills and valleys. They eat grass. They can be attached to a millstone to grind grain etc., or be attached to a cart to carry many people or things. They require no roadway system. When they die, their skin and bones can be used and the rest can be fed to dogs or is buried and disappears into the ground.

God's Work Horse will pull wagons long distances, or pull lumber out of a forest etc. Other horses are often more fragile than a donkey; the legs are longer and thinner, and they are more dangerous for children and harder to mount, and they are not as steady on rocky or hilly terrain, but they are still better than man's automobile.

Man's automobile is expensive, requires continuous polluting fuel and periodic costly maintenance and replacement of parts. They require a roadway system, fueling stations, and money. When the car no longer works, what cannot be sold or recycled becomes landfill that will not disappear for thousands of years.

God's Ox vs Man's Tractor

God's Ox will eat grass, quietly plough fields, and help clear forests or move heavy boulders or trees.They can pull wagons, reproduce, give milk and provide fertilizer and fuel. They are a source of food and security on a long trip. They can be ridden and carry a heavy load. They can cross rivers and go up hills or over rocky terrain.
Most of the ox is useful, for food (several hundreds of pounds of meat); skin, bones and other parts are used to make various tools and useful items, (God calls the ox a clean animal for food, unlike the donkey and horse which should not be eaten by people. This adds extra value to choosing an ox when possible.)

Man's tractor is expensive, requires fuel continuously, and costly repair and maintenance with periodic replacement of parts. It is dangerous. It compacts the soil it runs over. It cannot go easily into forests to pull out logs or on hilly stony terrains. It pollutes the air and is loud. When it stops working, what cannot be sold or recycled becomes trash that will last thousands of years polluting water and landscape. A new expensive machine must be bought, usually getting the people into debt;
or ..... they could buy an ox, a work horse or a donkey and choose peace and freedom.

10th Edition - June 2008, Carla Emery Book
All You Need To Know About
Plants and Animals From Beginning To Table

913 Pages 8 x 11' $19.77*
Amazon Link
The Encyclopedia of Country Living

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