Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Garden Paradise Lifestyle
Solves World Problems Created By Employment

Employment Lifestyle Causes World Problems
Garden Paradise Lifestyle Solves World Problems

True Freedom and Independence -
Sustainable Through Eternity

The Goal In Life Is Not Employment. The Goal Is Retirement.

Employment lifestyle causes pollution,

global warming, energy crisis, food crisis,

war, reoccurring financial crises, immigration,

disease and high health care and insurance costs,

poverty, high education costs, inequality, crime,

social security inadequacies and insufficiencies,

child and elder care needs, divorce

and unguided, unruly and disrespectful youth and more.

The garden paradise - retirement lifestyle solves most
world problems the UN, US, EU, NATO and
Middle East Quartet seek to find at the same time.
It is sustainable development through eternity.

It solves world problems easily, fairly, inexpensively and quickly.
It heals our air, land, water, food and our spirit, soul and bodies.
The garden paradise lifestyle provides beautiful edible landscapes
and sustainable development, (things the employment lifestyle cannot do.)

A garden paradise is a feast to the eyes and security for all people especially in times of disaster or financial crises.

It is a healthy, stress-free lifestyle with families together creating their paradise. It is easy by choosing useful pets like goats and sheep or cows and poultry that provide fresh milk or eggs and planting trees and plants that provide food.

We can landscape with edible landscaping,
and have fresh food with our beauty. We will have bountiful gardens for the abundant life.

Communities come together with abundance, joy and peace. They have time to help each other to perfect and share the beauty
of the community when they choose the garden paradise, retirement lifestyle.

The garden paradise is for all nations. There is no need for immigration. The poor, infirmed, disadvantaged and elderly can be easily cared for. When there is an abundance of food, the other problems are easy to solve. Without food, there is no solution for other problems, deeper problems result.

God promises rain in due season to lovers of God. (Leviticus 26)

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